Alessandro Funari

Literary/Poetry Translator - Freelance, Brazil

My name is Alessandro Palermo Funari, I am a Brazilian translator with a PhD in Translation Studies and have been a translator since 2014. Though I have initially graduated in History, I later found myself working at a translation agency - mostly medical and legal translations. After having changed areas so drastically, I searched for other things that had more to do with my personal interests, i.e. literature. After attending some courses on literary/poetry translations in a renowned institution in São Paulo, I began my Master's degree on poetry translation: the aim was to translate (transcreate, we would say) Wallace Stevens' short poems in "Harmonium". At the time of my qualifying exam, some 15 months into my Master’s degree, I had already translated and commented 59 of the book's 71 short poems. The examining panel then decided to turn my Masters into a Doctorate, and suggested I translated the entire book, adding the long poems. This January, I presented my dissertation, which was recommended for publication (a process which is now under way).
This, of course, tends to my English>Portuguese translations. but I also translate from Portuguese into English. Some of these translations were published in an US-based website called intranslations, where I worked with poems by Ricardo Reis, a heteronym of Fernando Pessoa, Portugal's - arguably - greatest poet (I have also dabbled with other of Pessoa's heteronyms).
In addition to these, I have also translated a handful of poems by Brazilian poet Murilo Mendes into English, as well as some individual poems by Edith Sitwell, Japanese concrete poet Seiichi Niikune and assorted Tang Dynasty poems from the Chinese.
Though my specialty is in literature, I also work in several other areas, such as academic, news, music etc.

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